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     At first the historical development :

    Little Jürgen and the Northsea.


    Studying Physics at the Technical University of Clausthal

    Retired, enjoing live

            DJ8FR OH4FR
    Retired, enjoing live

      DJ8FR OH4FR 2018

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Member since
December 1986
I was first licensed as DJ8FR.
1995 I was licensed also as OH4JSU
which I changed in 1999 into  OH4FR.
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Also member of RSGB and SSA.
My QSL-Cards:

     Some memories and impressions:         Click on the pictures will show them in large format.

When we were even younger...

SRAL-summer-camp 1996. Rain for the
whole weekend but we had a nice time.

Summer in Finland

Spring in Germany

OH4FR in the SRAL Summercamp 2013.
The background shows the 100m high antenna tower
made from aluminum by Toke OH6RM